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blind hem machine suppliers

  • TBS-1190 Industrial Face Tacking Double Blindstitch Machine

    TBS-1190 Industrial Face Tacking Double Blindstitch Machine1. Felling the both inner-faces of materials with two independence plungers, the seams are invisible in both surfaces of materials.
    2. As the stitch is elastic, soft and loosen stitch can be gotten as well as correct position of materials.
    3. Tacking position can be selected freely from the edge of...
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  • TBS-500-1 Desk-Top Blindstitch Machine

    TBS-500-1 Desk-Top Blindstitch Machine1. Equipped with built-in mini motor and no necessity for table and bracket.
    2. The single thread chain stitch hides itself so that we can not see it from the outside, which makes the clothes much neater and more elegant.
    2. Widely used for hemming cuff,pant,shirt,glove,sock,etc.
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  • TBS-1430 Diver-Suits Blindstitch Machine

    TBS-1430 Diver-Suits Blindstitch Machine1.For adoption of blindstitch mode, the stitches is invisible from the surface of fabric,which maintain the clothes much neater and more elegant.
    2.It is suitable for blind sewing of knit wear, cotton and chemical fiber materials, especially for sewing diving dress.
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