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Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine

Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine

1.Max sewing speed: 2200spm
2.Stitch length:5.5mm
3.Zigzag width: 12mm
4.Presser foot lift:8.5mm

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LZH-217 Industrial zigzag sewing machine

This machine is newly developed multi-function sewing machine, which is with modern structure, stitch stability, durable and precision, integrated zigzag stitch, seaming and straight sewing.

The usage of triangular cam mechanism guarantees smooth and stable zigzag stitch, the maximum sewing width can reach 12mm.

Through a unique switching mechanism, it can be switched from 2 to 3-step 4 point stitch without changing the cam manually.

The external cam can achieve multi-pattern effect, the machine is with inverted sewing function , toggle lever to transfer from the left, middle and right position. The unique structure of puller for the machine guarantees stable cloth feeding.


LZH-217: 1 step

LZH-217-3S: 1 step, or 3 steps

LZH-2173S-P: 1 step, or 3 steps, with puller


The Industrial zigzag sewing machine is suitable for medium- heavy materials, light materials, such as denim, glove cloth, leather, synthetic leather, and gauze etc. , suitable for shoes, gloves, bags, sofa products, sports products, hats, and other materials.

Technical data:

Max sewing speed: 2200spm

Stitch length:5.5mm

Zigzag width: 12mm

Presser foot lift:8.5mm

Needle type: DP x 438 or 134ZZ

Needle number: Nm70-120

Rear puller: Optional

Zigzag stitch: 3 steps, 4 points

Working space: 265mm x 128mm

Lubricating: Manual

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