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Sail Sewing Machines

Sail Sewing Machines

Product name: Long arm extra heavy duty zigzag sewing machine.
Model : LZH-1366-76-12 (Working space: 760*173mm).
LZH-1366-76-12HM (Working space: 760*273mm).
LZH-1366-32 (Working space: 320*185mm).
Steps: 1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps and Straight stitch.
Max zigzag width:14mm.
Max Stitch length: 10mm.
Key words: sail sewing machines.

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LZH-1366 series Sail Sewing Machines is an extra heavy-duty zigzag sewing machine special large sails making manufacturing industry. When sewing sails, it is necessary to completely expand the canvas of several hundred square meters (so as to sew the several canvases neatly) so that the sail can have the expected tensile strength.

sail sewing machines

sail sewing machines

LZH-1366-76-12HM sail sewing machine


366 sail sewing machine


1. Extra large working space is designed for extra-large sails sewing.

LZH-1366-76-12: 760 x 173mm

LZH-1366-76-12HM: 760 x 273mm

LZH-1366-32: 320 x 185mm

2. Adopting the extra-large barrel shuttle hook with a large bobbin thread capacity, Sail Sewing Machines can reduce the times of bobbin thread change and improve the working efficiency.

3. It is equipped with 4 cams used for straight stitching, one step two points, two steps three points, three steps four points zigzag sewing. It can meet all the strength requirements of the modern sail industry.

4. It can use extra thick sewing thread (from V138 V207 to V277 V346 or 1500 dx3 high-strength polyester thread). With parallel vertical needle bar movement,

5. The needle sewing power is strong, it can sew the 20mm canvas (Dacron), Kevlar bulletproof fiber, hardcover, ribbon, and plastic plate easily.

6. This machine is mainly used for sewing the mainsail and headsail. Its advantages become more highlighted in the sewing of edge bar-tacking(with lining ribbon) of sweep/sail of sail corner bar-tacking (multi-layer canvas ).


1. Rear puller (-P). The Sail Sewing Machines can be matched with a strong cloth driving wheel (top and bottom synchronous feeding) to pull the thick canvas of several hundred square meters and ensure smooth feeding.

2. Pneumatic foot lifter, Pneumatic reverse sewing, and needle cooling system. These functions need to be done with a servo motor.


Suitable for large sail (mainsail and headsail), sweep, military parachute, space parachute, large carpet (abutted sewing), military tents, outdoor tents, camping tents, high-grade sofas, and furniture (thick-thread ornamental sewing).

Technical data:

Maximum sewing speed700r.m.p.700r.m.p.800r.m.p.
Maximum stitch length10mm(0-10)10mm(0-10)10mm(0-10)
Maximum swing of zigzag sewing14mm(0-14)14mm(0-14)14mm(0-14)
Zigzag sewing mode1 step, 2 steps, and 3 steps1 step, 2 steps, and 3 steps1 step, 2 steps, and 3 steps
Needle bar stroke50.8mm50.8mm50.8mm
Thread take-up lever stroke106.8mm106.8mm106.8mm
NeedleDY×3 27#DY×3 27#DY×3 27#
Shuttle hookExtra-large barrel shuttle hookExtra-large barrel shuttle hookExtra-large barrel shuttle hook
Presser foot lifting height20mm20mm20mm
Lubrication systemManual lubricationManual lubricationManual lubrication
Working space760×173mm760×273mm320×185mm
Motor550W Electronic speed control motor550W Electronic speed control motor550W electronic speed control motor

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