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Sailmaker Sewing Machine

Sailmaker Sewing Machine

Product name:Direct drive multi points heavy duty zigzag sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer.
Model: LZH-327
Steps: 1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps and straight sewing.
Hook: Triple large hook.
Materials: Heavy duty materials.

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1. Sailmaker sewing machine adopts a new European style design, a heavy-duty zigzag sewing machine with excellent performance and functions.

2. With different automatized functions, such as auto thread trimmer, auto reverse sewing, auto presser foot lifting, electronic thread tensioning, electronic thread loosening.

3. Automatic thread cutting function. Thread cutting function is stable even when thick thread Nylon 6 and zigzag swing 12mm are used.

4.Maximum zigzag swing is 12mm.

5. Straight sewing function. The unique design of the swing needle mechanism can ensure position “0” precisely. Straight sewing stitches are excellent as well.

6. Pattern disk cam changeover function

● Free changeover between 1 point(straight stitches), 2-point, 3-point, or 4-point is realized through clutch mechanism (External pattern disk cam can be easily installed or detached)

● One machine serves several purposes, saving money for end-users.

7. Hook

● Triple size extra big hook.

● Mini oil lubricating system is designed for the hook.

● The hook protection device is proof against malposition, saving maintenance time.

8. Big space, after presser foot is lifted, allows the material to be fed easily.

9. With a built-in 750W direct drive motor, which is powerful, stable, and energy-saving.

10. With a mini oil lubricating system and permanently lubricant sealed bearing, the sailmaker sewing machine is durable and environment-friendly.


This sailmaker sewing machine is a specialized machine for sewing zigzag stitches on thick material, especially suitable for sewing zigzag stitches, straight stitches, decorative stitches, overedge stitches on leather, synthetic material, heavy cloth, extensively used for the production of caps, clothes, suitcases, arts and crafts, sports goods.

Technical data:


Max Speed


Max Stitch length

Zigzag width

Presser foot lift height


Hook protection device

Auto thread trimmer

Stitch changeover


Zigzag width 0-8mm: 2500rpm

Zigzag width 8-12mm: 2000rpm

DP*17 (14#-21#)



8mm / 16mm

3 times large hook

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