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Automotive Upholstery Sewing Machine

Automotive Upholstery Sewing Machine

Product name: Post bed double needle chainstitch sewing machine for automotive uphostery.
Model: TPB-2896
Stitch type: Chainstitch
Max stitch length: 6mm
Max sewing speed: 600rpm.
Application: Automotive interior uphostery.

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TPB-2896 automotive upholstery sewing machine is a post bed decorative double-needle chain stitch machine is chain stitch sewing machine that can do top seam quality and stitch reliability due to optimized sewing kinematics even in case of thick threads. It is suitable for sewing decorative lines of the automotive interior upholstery.


◆This automotive upholstery sewing machine adopts double-thread chain stitches, there's no need to replace the bottom thread, which can greatly improve the sewing efficiency and the aesthetics of stitches.

◆Using the high traction due to unison feed (bottom feed and alternating top and needle feed) at the same time, insure the feed smoothly.

◆The automotive upholstery Increased performance by means of bobbin less chain stitch technology, high sewing speed, and variable stitch length.

◆This automotive upholstery sewing machine is driven by a servo motor with convenient speed control.

An optional worktable can be installed at the rear of the machine to facilitate the sewing of longer objects.

automotive upholstery sewing machine

double-thread chain stitches

show automotive interior upholstery sewing

automotive interior upholstery sewing effect


Suitable for automotive interior upholstery sewing.

Technical data:

Max sewing speed600rpm
Needle gauge6mm / 8mm
Max stitch lengthMax 6mm
Stitch typeDouble chain stitch
Needle bar stroke40mm
NeedleSchmetz 32:25 Nm 140-160(22#-23#)
Thread specification

Needle thread: Tex 135-180
Bottom thread: Tex 70
WeltLeather / Plastic
Motor220V/750W, 1 Phase
Heater power220V/650W, 1Phase
Packing sizeL*W*H: 132*90*147 cm


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