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THS-560 Computerized Sleeve Setting Machine

THS-560 Computerized Sleeve Setting Machine

1. 360°sewing process of one sleeve can be divided into several sections.
2. Whole sewing procedure is computer-controlled.
3. The procedure can be separated into several sewing segment, with different puckering setups.
4. Switching to next segment is controlled both automatically or manual,and puckering value is displayed on the screen.
5. Puckering can be modified by foot pedal.
6. Daily output:200-220 pcs in 8 hours.

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THS-560 Computerized Sleeve Setting Machine

This machine is professional and efficient for setting sleeve, mainly applicable for man’s suit,overcoat,business wear and etc.


1. Stitch length 1.5mm-5.5mm.

2. Minimum stitch length adjustment 0.1mm.

3. Left sleeve setting can be automatically imaged from the right.

4. True color TFT screen,graphic display.

5. 100 setting programs can be storable.

6. 30 puckering value provided.

7. Thread tension controlled by program.

8. Connect two different setting program.

9. Soft belt feed ,material friendly.

10.The main belt the auxiliary belt of the feeding are drove by two stepping motors separately. the speed of the auxiliary one can be adjusted. in this way. the puckering can be controlled more precise and the operation is much easier.

Flat seam

  Sewing speed

Needle stroke

Max lift of the presser foot(mm)

Thread number


Needle positioning

  Stitch length(mm)

Vertical rotary hook


4000 stitches/min




134-35 DPx35 9#-16#





Thread trimmer


Air pressure

Motor power


Computer    control

Storage number of program









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    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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