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Drop Feed Walking Foot Online

Drop Feed Walking Foot Online

Max sewing speed:2000spm
Needle:DP x 17 #18 - #23
Stitch length:0-12mm
Max sewing thickness:8mm
Presser foot lifter:7-16mm

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1. Feeding mechanism of Drop Feed Walking Foot Online: The use of connecting rod up and down feeding mechanism and the presser foot alternately to enhance the body to ensure smooth feeding.

2. Hook: Use of large hook hook line to reduce the number of bottom line replacement.

3. Using the latest sewing structure, to achieve the advantages of low-tension sewing.

4. Presser foot lift shaft and presser foot swing shaft with all-incluslve automatic lubrication, effectively Improve the wear resistance of parts, the back without any stains.

5. Adopt built-in high-power automatic pressure foot device.Presser foot lift no need by knee, to improve the productivity.

6. Thickening the shell to effectively reduce the sewing noise, the machine vibration is smaller. better seam performance.

7. With automatic trimming. automatic down sewing, electronic cable. electronic loose line and other functions. increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Application: Drop Feed Walking Foot Online is suitable for the heavy duty materials, such as bags, leather products. Etc.

Technical data:



Max sewing speed



DP x 17 #18 - #23

Stitch length


Max sewing thickness


Presser foot lifter





Large hook

Thread trimmer


Foot lifter


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