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How to maintain hardware of automatic sewing machine?
Jan 19, 2021

Board card for automatic sewing machine:

Anti-static, static electricity can burn the chip. The static electricity of the human body is tens of thousands of volts to hundreds of thousands of volts. When the computer is charged with electricity, it will break down any chips. Dry air or pure chemical fiber sweaters can cause static electricity. Note that when static electricity occurs, do not touch the host with your hands.

automatic sewing machine

Daily maintenance of automatic sewing machine's CPU;

When the CPU exceeds Ig, hardware heat dissipation will cause computer failures, system crashes, and CPU burns. When the humidity exceeds a certain level, it will automatically sleep and the device will not start.

1. Heat dissipation: Ensure that the fan in the automatic sewing machine is running well. If you find that it crashes frequently, shut it down immediately and check whether the fan is running.

2. Anti-vibration: the movement of the equipment and the movement of the fan generate resonance, which is easy to wear out the fan.

3. Decompression: to ensure the air circulation to reduce the pressure on the CPU core.

Board card automatic sewing machine                                  CPU  for automatic sewing machine

4. Settlement: Ensure that the power supply is stable before accidents will occur.

5. Dust removal: remove the dust inside the machine to prevent short circuits such as circuit boards.

6. Self-diagnosis: The equipment has abnormal sounds, frequent crashes, and peculiar smells. Always pay attention to the operation of computer accessories. It is strictly forbidden to keep the power on for a long time in the crash state and check whether the sound of the equipment is normal.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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