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How to make non-woven bags with Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machine?
Oct 29, 2020

The current non-woven bags are still dominated by family workshops, and non-woven bags are processed according to customer requirements. In these factories, the automatic non-woven bag machine is not very practical, and most of them use semi-automatic production equipment.

In the process of making non-woven bags, the Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machine has two uses:

The working principle of the ultrasonic lace machine is to use high-frequency oscillation to transmit sound waves from the welding head to the welding surface of the work object, instantly causing the work object molecules to friction and reach the melting point of the plastic, thereby completing the rapid dissolution of solid materials and completing the welding. The joint strength is close to that of a whole piece of continuous material. As long as the joint surface of the product is designed to match, there is absolutely no problem with complete sealing.

Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machine hand strap making non-woven bags

Non-woven bag seam: The use of ultrasonic welding eliminates the need for needles and threads, eliminating the need for frequent needle changes. It does not have the broken joints of traditional stitching, it can also neatly cut and seal non-woven bags. At the same time, it can be stitched or decorated. It has strong adhesion, and can achieve waterproof effect. The embossing is clear. The surface has a three-dimensional relief effect. The working speed is fast, the product effect is good and the product is high-end and beautiful. The quality is guaranteed.

Making of the hand strap:

Connect the Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machine to a shearing machine, and set the ultrasonic lace machine to automatic, which can automatically make the hand strap. Ultrasonic lace machine (semi-automatic non-woven bag machine) is widely used in packaging industry, clothing industry, beauty industry, service industry, home appliance industry, non-woven clothing, office supplies, toy industry, etc. It can be used to make eco-friendly bags, gift bags, shopping bags, advertising bags, non-woven bags, gift bags, non-woven handbags, non-woven clothes bags, cosmetic bags, suit bags, advertising aprons, non-woven fabrics Computer sets, TV sets, air conditioner sets, washing machine covers, dust cover covers and other environmentally friendly non-woven products.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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