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industrial embroidery machine manufacturers share common senses of embroidering
Sep 29, 2021

How to make embroidered fabrics fold-free?

Industrial embroidery machine embroider fabrics appearing fold for a variety of reasons, fabrics, patterns, tight materia, line tension, embroidery lines, needles and Setting lining selection and improper settings , which all may cause folds.

Industrial embroidery machine

To prevent folds in fabrics ,notes from industrial embroidery machine manufacturers the following:

1.For different fabrics and patterns, choose different types of setting lining.

2.In the embroidery frame tension, the fabric can not be too tight or too loose, with the finger to flick its surface is a bit like the drum surface, if necessary, you can use the frame clip to strengthen the fabric fixed.

3.If you use soft and thin fabrics to embroider, try not to choose needle-dense patterns.

4.Depending on the type of embroidery pattern, choose the appropriate embroidery thread and machine needle.

5.Line tension is adjusted to a suitable setting (before formal embroidery).

Tips for embroidered silk and satin from industrial embroidery machine manufacturers

Tips for embroidered silk and satin

1.Small machine needles, such as the 9th, 11th or embroidery needles, must be used when embroidering silk or satin fabrics.

2.A setting lining is recommended for tearable or water-soluble linings.

3.When applying, you can add a soft cloth to the edge of the frame to prevent from carding out of the mark.

4.Low speed embroidery.

A variety of embroidery foot-pressing applications

1.Ordinary embroidery foot-pressing is mostly used for free line, embroidery or weaving.

2.Spring type embroidery foot-pressing for free-pressing, embroidery or weaving, suitable for embroidery on medium-thick fabrics or cotton clips.

Spring type embroidery foot-pressing

3.Open-toe , more suitable for free-pressing lines on the clip cotton, its open toes make the traces more clearly visible.

4.Inductive embossed feet for free-pressing lines and embroidery.

5.Wave-shaped embroidery , suitable for different high and low several laminate lines, embroidery.

Wave-shaped embroidery

What embroidery thread and needle is used?

Depending on the fabric and embroidery pattern, different lines are selected, with Polyester Embroidery Thread 120D/2 and Rayon Embroidery Thread 120D/2 used more. Special embroidery threads, such as wire, transparent wire, etc., are sometimes used.

Ordinary embroidery can use common needles, but when using special embroidery thread must use embroidery needles with low-speed .

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