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The parameters of face mask welding machine needed to set
Oct 21, 2021

In the process of welding face masks, ear bands are prone to the following issues: 1. welding is not secure; 2. welding is a failure; 3. over the welding. Welding problems can usually be observed by parameter settings, which are the easiest to judge.

Under normal circumstances, there is a "Welding Parameter Setting " Interface, in which the parameters to be debugged are set. In this place, the left and right ultrasound separate can be set independently.

In the Welding Parameter Setting Interface, there are three parameters that need to be commissioned: delay welding, welding time, and welding curing.

face mask welding machine

1. Welding time

The most important parameter of the face mask welding machine is the welding time.

What is the welding time?

There will be an ultrasonic steel mold on the device, which is the equivalent of a chopping board. We place the ear band above the steel mold and you can see that there are (unilateral) two levers here.

When the pressure rod will work down, at this time which will be accompanied by ultrasonic vibration, that is, steel mold vibration, vibration process will be squeezed with the lever, resulting in high-frequency friction heat, ear band welding to the face mask.

Welding time is the lever starting to press down, until the ultrasonic stops the wave lever lifting time. The factors that affect welding performance the most are welding time and the strength of the pressure rod, which are the two most important parameters.

Under normal circumstances, ultrasound has two modes of operation: continuous and intermittent.

Continuous-wave is ultrasonic work, it will always produce vibration, while the intermittent wave is intermittent, only after the welding head pressure, the ultrasonic wave began to vibrate, this time will produce frictional heat. Compared with continuous-wave, intermittent wave time is less, the whole life of the ultrasonic system will be longer.

Take Beat 1.5S for example, the welding time is only 0.2S, less than 1/7 of the beat. In other words, intermittent ultrasonic wave time is only 1/7 of the continuous wave, the corresponding life will be greatly improved.

face mask welding

2. Delayed welding

Delay welding refers to working under the pressure of the welding head, delaying, and then starting an ultrasound.

3. Welding curing

Welding curing refers to the head under pressure, ultrasonic start to work, reaching to the set time, the weld head is not immediately lifted. After welding is complete, the weld head continues to press down for a certain period of time, then lift up, retaining a certain amount of curing time.

The process can be simply understood as, in ultrasound work, the ear band and mask (non-woven cloth) melt, ultrasonic stop vibration, the material has a curing time, waiting for its curing to complete before lifting.

In the high-speed operation of the face mask welding machine, the curing time can be set very short, no more than 0.05S. Even if you can set the value to 0-0.01, the machine will still function properly.

Therefore, the most critical parameters are welding time and curing time, the two-parameter values add up to no more than 0.25S, if beyond range value, in the welding process, the machine may not be in place for commissioning.

The above is the flat mask machine in the ear band welding parameters set.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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