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Seamless Sewing Machine

Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

1.Product name: Hot air seam sealing machine
2.Model: TSL-109
3.Power: AC220V 50Hz
4.Power consumption: 1.5KVA
5.Air consumption: 0.35-0.5 Mpa
6.Heater: 3600w

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Hot air seam sealing machine


Hot air seam sealing machines are widely used to strengthen and seal seams in the textile and leather industry, It is specially for for PPE medical protective clothes Compressed air is heated up to several hundred degrees Celsius by electricity and is blown onto the tape coated with thermoplastic glue...

Topeagle hot air welding machine is a post bed, top and bottom roller feed based on the development of a new air heater in combination with consistent reduction of heat losses and a newly designed air pipe The air supply can be stopped at any time without damage of the heater. The nanoporous thermal insulation and the optimization of the air channel are also reducing energy losses.
The new designed pipe optimizes the energy transfer to the tape. As a result, the required amount of hot air could be reduced to a fraction.


◆ Differential speed regulation is available for upper and lower wheel. Synchronized-drive of top and bottom wheel by step motor, automatic compensation, automatic slightly feeding draw back, which can prevent missing seam sealing.

◆ Automatic tape cutting.


Automatic tape cutting, automatic tape feeding, automatic tape end finishing can reduce the material consumption.

◆ Precision temperature control system.

It adopts smart design temperature control system, the temperature can rise rapidly from normal to 260°C in 10 seconds.

◆ Precision slide guides.

The upper wheel adopting precision slide guides transmission mode, lower noisy when moving, precision and increase long life to use.

◆ Heater pipe.

Hot air seam sealing machine adopts the unique design of structure heater pipe, can prevent water or oil entering.

◆ Intelligent protection system.

It adopts safety and energy saving delayed shutdown system, it delays shutdown when the temperature drops to 70°C and can save energy.

◆ Step motor.

Tape sealing machine adopts high precision closed-loop step motor.


Hot air seam sealing machine is suitable for making medical protective clothes, outdoor jackets, rain coat,tents,etc.

Technical data:




AC220V 50Hz

Power consumption


Air consumption

0.35-0.5 Mpa

Upper roller lift

40mm (Max 40mm)


2〜24m/min/ Differential speed controllable for Top and bottom wheel

Hot air control

(Max 700°C)



Width of Presser wheel

25mm (Standard smoothed surface),Others riffled optiona

Width of tape

Standard 14mm〜22mm , Other width optional

Packing size

1380mm x680mm x 1650mm



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