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Seamless Sewing Machine

Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machine

Name: Digital frequency tracking Ultrasonic lace machine
Model: TSL-1720Q
Mould diameter:50-60mm
Mould width:0-70mm
Working temprerature:1250*580*1330mm

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Ultrasonic lace cutting machine adopts double motor, motor 1 drives the rear supporting wheel and disk, motor 2 drives the ultrasonic wave head to rotate. Digital automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic wave, The efficiency of the analog circuit is improved by10-20%, and the sewing is more efficient and stable.Automatically adjust the output power according to the characteristics of the transducer to greatly improve its life. Multifunctional industrial touch screen display is intuitive and simple. Ultra-high stability of stable digital circuit,which greatly reduces the cost of after-sales service.

ultrasonic lace cutting machine


1. Max sewing speed: 36 meters per minute

2. Ultrasonic lace cutting machine driven by a double motor. The disk and the synchronous wheel operate synchronously, reducing the amount of up and down movement and greatly improving the stitching stability.

3.Straight line and curve welding can be done.

4.Prevent upper and lower sewing fabric move.

5.Do not hurt the cloth, the seaming more beautiful

6. Suitable for all kinds of surgical gowns, masks, curtains and other kinds of chemical fiber fabrics.

7.Various welding widths can be customized to increase production capacity.

8.Super power output, with adjustable power of three levels, suitable for welding and cutting requirements of different materials and thicknesses.

Ultrasonic lace machinetranspotation


Ultrasonic lace cutting machine used in All kinds of chemical fiber cloth,all kinds of artificial leather,non-woven cloth,spray rubber cotton, thermoplastic film, and chemical plastic sheet etc.

Scope of use:

It is widely used in the production of various non-woven cloth masks, protective clothing, disposable surgical caps,non-woven bags, lace clothing, ribbons, decorative products, handkerchiefs, table cloths, curtains, bed covers, tents, raincoats and other non-woven cloth processing industries.

Technical data:



Max sewing speed



220V+-5V, 50Hz/60Hz, 6A

Ultrasonic Frequency


Mould diameter


Mould width


Working temprerature




packing ultrasonic lace cutting machine


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