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Face Mask Machine

KF94 Face Mask Machine

Product Name:KF94 Flat Mask Making Machine
Product Model:TFM-KF94-03(1+1)
Compressor air :0.4MPa~0.6Pa, ±1%
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Breaf introduction:

The KF94 Face Mask Machine is mainly composed of a material roll feeding machine, a fish-shaped mask slicing machine, a set of connecting machines, a ear band welding machines and a discharging production lines, and can automatically complete the functions of mask body forming, automatic nose clip mounting, ear band welding, automatic counting and the like. The mask body machine and the ear wire welding machine can be produced automatically or independently with great flexibility.

KF94 Fully automatic fish mask machine is suitable for the full-automatic production of built-in nose clip, non-breather valve and inner ear belt-type fish mask with 4 floors or less (for example, it can also be suitable for the full-automatic production of outer ear belt-type fish mask with an additional turnover mechanism).

Technical Data:

Product Name

KF94 Face Mask Machine

Product Model






Compressor air

0.4MPa~0.6Pa, ±1%

Air consmuption


Floor print



40-50 pcs/ min



KF94 fish-shaped full-automatic face mask making


1. Equipment weight: about 1100KG.

2. Appearance color: aluminum alloy processed parts are made of natural anodized; all stainless steel appearance parts are made of matt stainless steel; all parts of the KF94 Face Mask Machine that have relative movement must not have metal collision or friction, the cylinder can not help copper, all other external parts Copper is prohibited for missing parts and interface parts; the paint is smooth and clean.

Environmental requirements:

1. Ground wire: protective grounding.

2. Ground requirements: The load-bearing requirement is> 300kg per square meter.

3. Workshop requirements: dust-free and constant temperature workshop.


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