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Face Mask Machine

Korean Mask Machine

Korean Mask Machine

Air consmuption:300L/min
Floor print:5800mm*2200mm*1750mm
Capacity:40-50 pcs/ min

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Korean Mask Machine: According to customer needs, it is controlled by PLC programming, through automatic feeding, embossing, folding, trimming, flipping, welding ear straps and other processes at one time, successfully developed and designed a new automatic fish-shaped mask machine High degree, simple operation and more user-friendly features.

Product Features:

The Korean Mask Machine is composed of the material rack part, the upper nose line part, the shape welding part, the folding molding, the shape cutter part, the welding ear strap part, and the finished product output. It adopts servo motor and ultrasonic welding technology to complete production.

1. Material rack part: automatic feeding, brake and controller to ensure material tension.

2. The bridge of the nose: the cylinder is ultrasonically welded to automatically convey the bridge of the nose.

3. Shape welding part: The mold cooperates with ultrasonic to complete the pattern welding.

4. Folding forming: folding fabric

5. Shape cutting knife part: customized cutting knife, roll cutting forming.

7. Welding ear straps: special rotating disk, with ultrasonic wave to complete ear strap wire welding.

9. Output of finished products: output and collection of finished masks.

Korean Mask Machine feature

Equipment use environment:

1. Use in the 100,000 class clean room.

2. Temperature: room temperature environment, humidity: 40%-80%.

3. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.

4. Air pressure: ≥0.6MPa.

Equipment operation requirements:

1.Korean Mask Machine can realize the operation mode of manual, automatic and single-action operation switching each other. The alarm should be displayed in the man-machine interface.

2. Adopt industrial computer to realize real-time communication with PLC, realize man-machine dialogue through touch screen, each setting operation needs to be simple and convenient;

3. The equipment complies with the national safety standards for electromechanical equipment;

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