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How does China's sewing machinery industry deal with the outbreak?
Jul 16, 2020

For the entire industrial chain of sewing machinery, the epidemic situation is a sudden test stone, forcing the industry to undergo a major reshuffle.

In this year, some sewing equipment companies will achieve overtaking in corners and stand out; there will also be a considerable number of companies that failed .In the epidemic situation, some sewing equipment enterprises are able to grasp the opportunity and gain new development through transformation and upgrading.

As a user market for sewing equipment, the textile and apparel industry is closely related to the future of the sewing machinery industry. Therefore, the study of the impact of the epidemic on the textile and garment industry has an important reference value .

"During the outbreak, our factory's self-rescue method is only to explore new situations and digital operations in sales channels and methods, to transfer production or sales of anti-epidemic materials production equipment," the interviewee said.

China's sewing machinery industry

After the outbreak, online and offline integration will become a normal presence in the garment industry, while online and offline seamless connectivity depends on channel integration capabilities.

With the rise of the tide of e-commerce, with the development of China's retail industry into a new era, quality, personalization, customized consumption will become the new fashion of the garment industry. Changes in the operation and sales of the textile and garment industry will also drive the changes in the sewing machinery industry.

Under the influence of the epidemic, the China Sewing Machinery Association suggested that sewing enterprises should maintain an optimistic attitude, seize the opportunity of domestic epidemic stability, further deepen the domestic high-end market, enhance service capacity, promote intelligent transformation, consolidate domestic market share.

In addition, strengthen the tracking of changes in the market situation of countries severely affected by the epidemic, and actively prepare for the relevant order demand. At the same time, we must increase the expansion of international emerging markets that are less affected by the epidemic through various online online marketing platforms, Which promotes a diversified market layout.

Finally, sewing enterprises should strengthen their confidence, use long-term vision and development layout, and fully grasp the opportunities brought by the restructuring of the industrial chain brought by the epidemic and the rebound of market demand in the later stage of the epidemic.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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