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How does the automatic mask making machine feed?
Jul 21, 2020

Let's take a look at the axonometric drawing of the entire mask making machine:

axonometric drawing of the entire mask machine

Various fabrics pass through their respective fabric support frames, and then enter from the fabric layering frame. After several kinds of fabrics are stacked, they enter the fabric folds, and finally pass through the folds and folds to enter the main processing process. The above picture is more intuitive. :


Regarding the function of the fabric folding, it is to fold the two sides of the originally wider fabric to reach the width of the mask we want;

As for the function of fold folding, we can see that there are three folded folds on the disposable mask, which is realized by this mechanism;

Let's talk about the small institutions worth mentioning in this part:

1) Fabric placement rack

1) Fabric placement rack

Talk about the role of several of these parts:

Rotation damping mechanism:

When the fabric roll is rotating, if the rotating speed is too fast, the fabric will accumulate. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to make the rotating shaft have a certain damping force when rotating to ensure that the fabric is tight at all times. The rotary damping mechanism plays this role.

The star handle presses the spring, which presses the compression block against the rotating shaft and resists the damping effect.

Cloth roll fixing block: Needless to say, its function is to insert from both ends of the center hole of the fabric roll to form a main body, and then fix the fabric roll fixing block on the mounting seat through the star handle;

Tightening spring, fixed block mounting seat, adjusting block:

The purpose of these three parts is to facilitate the adjustment of the left and right positions of the cloth roll, The top-tightening spring tightens the top of the mounting block to the adjustment block, which is a threaded fit, Adjust the position of the cloth roll by tightening and loosening the adjustment block. (Note: There are a bar hole on the mounting holder for matching with the screws on the rotating shaft to avoid relative rotation between the retaining block mount and the rotating shaft)

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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