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How does theindustrial computer sewing machine work?
Oct 16, 2019

Without a sewing machine, the world might look different. Like cars, cotton gins, and countless other innovations of the past 300 years, sewing machines take on a time-consuming and laborious task and make it quickly and easily. And Industrial computer sewing machine is accepted by people.

The invention of the mechanized sewing machine made it possible for the manufacturer to suddenly produce a large number of high-quality clothes at the lowest cost. Thanks to this technology, most people in the world can now buy strong, well-stitched clothes, and only 200 years ago, this kind of clothing was a luxury. 

In this article, we will recognize the extraordinary machines that make all of this possible. In fact, the automatic stitching mechanism at the core of the sewing machine is incredibly simple, but the machine that drives this mechanism is quite sophisticated and requires the cooperation of gears, pulleys and motors to function properly. After learning more about the sewing machine, you will find it to be one of the most ingenious and creative tools invented by humans.

computer sewing machine

How does theindustrial computer sewing machine work?

There are some similarities between industrial computer sewing machine and cars: there are hundreds of models on the market, but the price and performance differences are quite large. Among the low-end products, there is a traditional basic electric design suitable for occasional household use; and in high-end products, there are complex electronic sewing machines that can be attached to a computer. Textile companies have a wide range of sewing machines available, including improved models that specialize in certain products. However, like a car, the basic principles of most sewing machines are the same. 

The core of the car is the internal combustion engine, and the core of the  industrial computer sewing machine is the coil stitching system. The stitching method of the coil differs greatly from ordinary hand sewing. In the simplest hand stitching, the sewer attaches a thread to the small eye at the end of the needle, then passes the needle through the two fabrics completely, from one side to the other, and then back to the original side. In this way, the needle drives the wires in and out of the fabric and stitches them together. 

Although this is very simple for handwork, it is extremely difficult to pull with a machine. The machine needs to release the needle on one side of the fabric and then grab it again on the other side. Then, it needs to pull all the loose lines out of the fabric, adjust the direction of the needle, and then repeat all the steps in the opposite direction. This process is too complicated for a simple machine, and it is not practical. 

Even for manual use, it is only useful when using a shorter line. Instead, the  industrial computer sewing machine simply passes the needle portion through the fabric. On the needle, the needle eye is behind the tip, not at the end of the needle. The needle is attached to the needle bar, which is pulled up and down by the motor through a series of gears and cams (described in more detail later). When the tip of the needle passes through the fabric, it pulls a small coil on one side of the other. A device under the fabric will grab the coil and wrap it around another wire or another coil of the same wire.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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