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How to properly maintain the ultrasonic lace machine?
May 21, 2020

The maintenance of ultrasonic lace machine is very important, which can determine the life of the sewing machine, it can also reduce our failure in use, so we need to understand the following maintenance method of ultrasonic lace sewing machine.

Regular inspection of the mold:

(1) The plane of the mold and the parallelity of the flower wheel should be checked regularly, and they are generally required to be less than 0.02mm in parallel, if they exceed this standard ,they must be adjusted to work again.

(2) If the mold face wear causes dents, resulting in the work of the fabric fuse phenomenon, it is necessary to remove the die will be the work surface grinding flat and then installed on the work.

Note: the die appears uneven ,it can be ground several times, but the grinding amount of several times must not accumulate more than 2mm, otherwise the die will be due to changes in operating frequency and the surface hardening layer disappears and scrap.

ultrasonic lace machine

(3) Check the matching between die head and operating frequency of ultrasonic generator assembly. Note: This item should be checked before working every day.The method is to turn on the power switch, then react to test the switch plate in the direction of "ultrasonic test", observe if there is one of a series of phenomena, the frequency should be corrected:

A. Touch the working face of the die with your hand to feel the weak amplitude of the ultrasonic wave

B. Abnormal noise

C. Abnormal hot die

D. Ammeter swing on generator assembly panel is too large

When adjusting the method, use the "one" head screw batch on the panel tuner, step-by-step fine-tuning correction frequency (generally clockwise counterclockwise tuning not more than 45o), adjust until the current meter pointer oscillation minimum and the above phenomenon disappears.

If it still does not work after correction,do not pedal the switch and cut off the power to stop working, otherwise the ultrasonic lace machine will be damaged.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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