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How to reduce the defective rate of 1+1 Face Mask Machine production?
Oct 19, 2020

In the process of producing face masks with a 1+1 Face Mask Machine, sometimes defective face masks appear, How can we reduce the defect rate in the production process?

First, we must analyze the reasons for the defective products in the production process of the 1+1 Face Mask Machine:

1. Raw material feeding deviation;

2. Mold accuracy is not enough;

3. The folding device is not aligned;

4. Poor printing;

5. The welding part of the earband is faulty;

6. A series of problems such as continuous cutting of the cutter device;

1+1 Face Mask Machine

In the conventional 1+1 Face Mask Machine, during the material replacement process, when the roll diameter changes, the raw materials are prone to problems such as deviation, discount, continuous cutting, and weak welding. As a result, the defective rate of the products produced by the mask machine is relatively high. In response to this problem, our company has upgraded the equipment, adding an automatic tension device, a servo system, a photoelectric tracking device, a PLC controller, and an automatic correction device.

It is specially designed to improve the stability of the equipment during operation, greatly reduce the defect rate in the production process of automatic flat mask machine, and improve the overall quality of the product.

From 2-4 layers of raw materials, the whole process is automated and the machine passes; PLC control, automatic tension, servo motor, correction positioning, and photoelectric tracking are perfectly coordinated with each production link. According to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can reach different standards, which improves the efficiency while improving the quality of the finished masks.

In order to meet market demand and product shapes are different, customers can change molds and adjust equipment according to their actual needs to produce masks of different specifications and sizes. It is also equipped with a waste recycling device, which can be used in any environment. The equipment runs stably, with long-term continuous production, and the product qualification rate is over 99%.

1+1 Mask Machine

Topeagle has always focused on various mask production and processing equipment, including various: Korean Mask Machine, 1+1 Face Mask Machine, Automatic Medical Face Mask Machine, Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine etc. After years of unremitting efforts by Topeagle, mask equipment products have been widely recognized and praised by customers for their excellent quality, superb craftsmanship and good reputation.

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