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Nov 13, 2019

Industrial sewing machine have many noises. In the former passage,we analyse the reasons.But how to solve the noises of industrial sewing machine?

Improving the crankshaft structure

The crankshaft structure of the industrial sewing machine can cause the generates noise and vibration during operation. And improves the crankshaft structure to achieve vibration and noise reduction. When the sewing machine crankshaft works, it is most likely to cause noise and vibration problems, especially the spindle structure, crankshaft imbalance, mass deviation, etc. These factors that induce noise and vibration. The noise and vibration of the crankshaft structure are more obvious under high-speed operation. The industrial sewing machine has improved the structure of the sewing machine and optimized the working process of the sewing machine. An improved method for analyzing vibration and noise reduction of crankshaft structures.


Balancing precision design of rigid rotors.

In the design of shock absorbing and noise reduction, the rigid rotor needs to meet one condition, that is, the residual unbalance of the rotor is less than the remaining unbalanced amount. When the rigid rotor reaches this condition, the vibration can be reduced and reduced. The need for the residual unbalance of the rigid rotor will add the dynamic pressure when the crankshaft is moving, and the rotor will be flat.

In the balance state, it is necessary to balance and correct the rotor structure, so that the balance correction surface can coincide with the plane of the rotor bearing, strengthen the balance control of the rigid rotor, and achieve effective damping and noise reduction.


Improved crankshaft balance, crankshaft imbalance will not only cause vibration And noise, it increases the operational risk of industrial sewing machines. When the crankshaft is unbalanced, it is necessary to use modeling to improve the balance of the crankshaft, correct the balance in the original crankshaft, and prevent vibration and noise.

This kind of design is the development direction of the noise reduction and shock absorption of the industrial sewing machine crankshaft structure. The multi-faceted balance design is developed around the dynamic balance design. Because the crankshaft structure is small and the quality is light, the multi-faceted balance design focuses on the influence of the weight on the balance of the crankshaft. The crank arm weight can be redesigned during dynamic balancing design to meet the needs of shock absorption and noise reduction.

Balancing sports institutions

The industrial sewing machine balances the movement mechanism during vibration reduction and noise reduction, eliminates the risk during the movement of the sewing machine, maintains the balance of motion, and improves the working efficiency of the sewing machine. When balancing the motion mechanism, we must pay attention to the inertia force balance, reduce the influence of inertia on the industrial sewing machine, and solve the eccentricity problem of the sewing machine.

The high speed rotation of the industrial sewing machine will cause strong inertial force, increase the phenomenon of noise and vibration, and it will easily generate additional power in the industrial sewing machine, causing friction and internal stress damage. The method of balancing the motion mechanism can effectively reduce . The commonly used method in the balance motion mechanism is to modify the structure of the part, select the method of weight and de-weight to balance the quality of the movement of the mechanism, and eliminate the problem of mass eccentricity.


Improve the design of the casing

The casing is the main structure of the industrial sewing machine. It belongs to non-moving parts. The casing is bulky and will generate vibration or noise under the action of motion. In the process of shock absorption and noise reduction of industrial sewing machines, the casing design is perfected to achieve overall vibration and noise reduction. According to the use of industrial sewing machine, the finite element model is built for the casing. The casing itself contains certain vibration characteristics. The vibration characteristics of the casing are simulated in the finite element model. The natural frequency and damping of the foundation pit are grasped to realize the modal analysis. Improve the chassis design on the basis. The modal analysis of the finite element of the casing is an effective way to study vibration and noise. The finite element modal analysis combined with the 3D drawing software simulates the sewing machine casing with vibration and noise reduction, and analyzes the characteristics of various parts on the casing. Committed to improving the level of shock absorption and noise reduction.


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