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Long arm heavy duty zigzag sewing machine for sail making
Mar 11, 2017

LZH-366 series heavy duty, single needle, straight stitch and zig-zag, long-arm machine adopt large transverse shuttle hook and bobbin, bobbin winder on top of machine head, presser foot lift up to 20mm, up to 12mm zig-zag, Suitable for sewing various kinds of leather, synthetic, vinyl, canvas and working on large pieces leather goods.


Model: LZH-366-76-12HM          

Certification: CE, ISO          

Stitch Length:0-8 Mm         

Max. Sewing Speed:800 r.p.m       

Zigzag Width:0-12 Mm         

Max Sewing Capacity:10 Mm       

Needle Bar Stroke:50.8 Mm          


Working Space: 762X175mm       

Construction: Flat Bed Long Arm

Stitch: Lockstitch, Zigzag           

Automatic Grade: Semi automatic



HS Code:8452



1. Cam controlled extra heavy duty long arm zigzag machine with large barrel shuttle hook and reverse.
2. Standard supplied with puller for strong and steady feeding, 3 different cams suitable for straight stitch, 2-step 3-step and 4-step zigzag, and pneumatic the presser foot lift and pneumatic back tack, needle cooler and hook cooler
3. The extra long arm clearance of 800mm is very useful when sewing larger items. A high foot lifter up to 20mm allows for heavy & bulky materials, such as sail tent and marquees and tarpaulins.
4. This is the improved version of Durkopp Alder 366-76-12-HM. This machine comes with excellent price / performance ration especial for boat sails making and parachute repairing.



Straight Stitch up to 10mm stitch length

Zig-Zag: 1-step, 2-step & 3-step operation

Control cams for 1-step and 3-step zig-zag included

Fast conversion to different stitches and needle sizes

Stitch control cams, hook, bobbin and shuttle race  can be easily

accessed by loosening a knurled nut

Large transverse shuttle hook and bobbin

Bobbin winder on top of machine head

Presser foot lift up to 20 mm

Large handwheel for increased sew-through capability

Coordinated foot pressure and foot lift for easy control

Push-button control for intermittent tacking and ½ stitch needle adjustment

Permanently lubricated roller bearings for long life

Needle guard and bar designed for sewing safety when using very thick threads


Top and bottom puller feed available

 Hohsing servo motor

Stand and table 


Suitable for Boat sails, parachutes, shade sails, tent & marquees, tarpaulins and industrial safety products,

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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