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Maintenance Skills of High-speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine Oil Supplying for Rotary Hook
Aug 06, 2021

The importance of the Rotary Hook is self-evident, so the designers also gave her special "treatment" for designing an oil supply system for her.

When using the new machine, you want to adjust the amount of oil on how much oil, but after three or four years of use the machine is not so obedient, the shuttle supply is insufficient, the amount of oil adjustment screws to the good also not much oil, long this past spin shuttle hot, wear, disconnection, jumper and other failures occur frequently.These faults can easily mislead the repairman, the reason is generally not in the amount of oil supply, nor on the pump, in the shuttle itself.

Lockstitch Sewing Machine Oil Supplying

1. remove the shuttle, 3 tongue screws and shuttle bowl. It is not difficult to find a rectangular hole in the shuttle's chuter, which contains a small oil blanket, but this is the oil blanket has turned black, hardened or zoomed, causing obstruction, loss of function, due to the long-term use of unclean oil and the shuttle internal natural wear and tear caused by garbage.

2. you want to restore the function of small oil blankets, you have to clean it up. If cleaning is not so easy, a quick and effective way is to use a "decontamination spray gun" to remove the garbage from the hole until the white oil blanket is exposed.

3. three screws, inner shuttle , shuttle bowl installed, and then loaded back into the machine, repositioning, reset the size of the oil, the effect is good.

4. in the above maintenance at the same time, check the lower shaft oil plug screws. If the oil filter plug is blocked by unclean material, the amount of oil on the lower shaft will not be adjusted, the solution can also be used "decontamination spray gun" spray.

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