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Six steps maintenance method of Face Mask Cutting Machine
Jul 06, 2020

Due to the global impact of the new crown epidemic, the current market gap of masks and the spread from domestic to full time, many domestic manufacturers have added face mask production equipment for conversion. The maintenance of the Face Mask Cutting Machine is very important, which can bring better work and more efficient, so in the maintenance, How to operate it?

The Face Mask Cutting Machine can be maintained in the following aspects, and in the maintenance process it is necessary to carry out a power-off shutdown:

◆Ultrasonic system

Check whether the ultrasonic mask machine system is to keep clean, especially ultrasonic box, vibrator (transducer), welding head, when it is necessary to clean, the connection line is necessary to go to the solid ,often to check the degree of wear of ultrasonic welding head, pay attention to observe the ultrasonic box on the voltage meter and current meter pointer changes.

◆Pneumatic system

Mask equipment air filter cup needs to see if there is water, but also to the air compressor water, and humidity area to the air compressor every day to release water, Check all gas cylinders for leaking air phenomenon cylinder magnetic anti-sensor orientation and normal operation.

Face Mask Cutting Machine

◆Neat appearance

Masks are used to wear on the face, and medical masks need to enter the operating room, so the production of masks requires neat cleaning of the mask machine equipment. Every day after work, you need to arrange personnel to shut down the mask machine equipment after power off. Wash the work surface and the plate with masks on it. Note that you can't use water to clean, and use non-toxic and volatile cleaning liquid such as alcohol to clean the equipment.

◆Electrical system

Check whether the circuit connector of the mask machine is loose, whether the main power cord and branch signal line are worn or aging, whether the electrical equipment is loose, whether the electrical box is kept in a dry environment, and the exhaust fan is not normal work etc.

◆Transmission system

The transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts, etc. We have to check whether the motor has dust and other things that affect heat dissipation, and whether the gears and sprockets are oiled. If there is attachment then should be cleaned up, chain tightness is not suitable, there is no foreign material did not clean, the connection screws between the transmission parts are not loose phenomenon, the lubricant of the gearbox is not enough, usually in 1000-1500 hours the machine needs to replace a lubricant.


Equipment can not adhere to corrosive liquids and objects, sweat is very easy to cause equipment parts rust, if the equipment does not operate for a long time, then it need to cover the mask's drivetrain and easy to rust parts to apply rust-proof oil.

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