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What Are Safety Operation Rules for Industrial Sewing Machines?
Feb 19, 2020

Safety operation rules for industrial sewing machines.

◆ Preparations jobs:

1. Wipe all parts of the industrial sewing machines clean, and check whether the fastening parts between parts are loose.

2. Check whether the oil holes are smooth and lubricate according to the lubrication requirements.

3. Check whether there are obstacles in various moving parts and whether the protective device is intact.

4. Check whether the positions between the presser foot and the needle, and between the presser foot and the tooth feed are reasonable.

5. After confirming the above preparations, you can introduce power, raise the presser foot, run the car empty and check.

The head flywheel is in the correct direction. If it is not correct, the power supply should be opposite.

◆ Adjustments:

1. Adjust the height of the presser foot.

2. Adjust the interval between the presser foot and the needle.

3. Adjust the feed tooth position of the presser foot.

4. Adjust the position of the needle bar. 

◆ Operation precautions:

1. Maintain the correct sitting position.

2. Pay attention to the method of the foot controlling the motor pedal and presser foot.

3. Support the correct method of installing the bobbin and the operations of threading, raising, retracting, and rewinding

4. Pay attention to feeding, receiving and turning operations.

5. Hold the correct way around the bottom line.

6. Be sure to install safety devices such as belt guards on the sewing machine.

7. Don't put your fingers, hair and clothes near the pulley, v-belt, motor and screw while the sewing machine is running. And do not place objects on the machine while turning parts.

8. During operation of the sewing machine, the rotary hook rotates at high speed. To prevent injury to your hands, do not use during operation.

◆ Maintenance rules:

1. If abnormal phenomena (especially abnormal phenomena in high-speed running parts) are found during work, stop the machine immediately.

Find out the cause, adjust or repair, and troubleshoot. It is strictly forbidden to run with illness, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the machine.

2. If you need to leave the machine, please shut down in time.

3. If the machine has not been used for a long time, it should be cleaned, coated with protective grease, and stored properly.

Slide once and run for a short time.

4. Perform first-level maintenance every three months, and second-level maintenance every six months.

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