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What are the Single needle sewing machine benifits?
Sep 12, 2019

Single needle sewing machine, which belongs to the technical field of sewing machine equipment.Sewing machine can be divided into industrial sewing machine and household sewing machine in terms of structure and use.

sewing machine

At present, there are some industrial sewing machines. For instance, high-speed chain flat sewing machines are high running speed, large thickness of sewing materials and high working efficiency. However, the structure of this industrial sewing machine is complex, difficult to manufacture, difficult to maintain. And it is difficult for the general garment processing industry to afford. Household sewing machines are only suitable for family use. In the garment processing industry, domestic sewing machines are slow and monotonous. On the other hand, sewing machines in families are idle all the year round and they have low utilization rate.

Low labor costs have long been a traditional advantage of industry in China. However, with the development and transformation of the economy and society, this advantage is gradually losing today. In order to obtain long-term development and benefits, garment manufacturers must adopt advanced equipment to improve production efficiency. Based on this situation, the demand of market for sewing machines are growing rapidly.

The purpose of single needle chain flat sewing machine is to carry out technical transformation of domestic sewing machine.The single needle chain flat sewing machine belongs to the field of sewing machine. Its main technical characteristics are that there are radial moving cams and ball cranks on the driven axle, a fork contacting the radial moving cam through the cylindrical moving guide rod on the support, a fixed connection between the other end of the fork and the bent needle rack through the bent needle shaft, and a bent needle on the bent needle rack. The ball crank connecting rod is movably connected with the ball crank arranged on the driven shaft and the bending needle shaft. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient installation and maintenance, fast sewing speed, flat surface and elasticity, and is suitable for industrial and domestic use.


And today there is a new single needle sewing machine- TC-6893-D4 single-needle direct-drive integrated computer-controlled sewing machine. It has the following characteristics.

1. The latest design, a new visual experience.

2. Through the innovative design of the shaft, the machine torque is reduced and the sewing is smoother.

3. Optimize the take-up mechanism, suitable for light and heavy materials.

4. The integrated built-in pedal elevator is adopted to improve work efficiency.

5. Buit-in LED lights.

6. Mechatronics computer design, more energy-saving and efficient.

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