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What is button sewing machine?
Jan 19, 2019

Discription of Button sewing machine: An industrial sewing machine that can automatically staple buttons, buttons, buttons, labels, and pairs of socks, gloves, and the like in various forms and sizes. Suitable for large-scale production in sewing factories or other industrial sectors.

Typies of Button sewing machine: Nail button sewing machines can be divided into two types: single-line chain stitches and double-line lock stitches.

The double-line lock type stitch button sewing machine is frequently replaced by the button when the button is operated, and the use surface is not wide.

The single-line chain stitch button sewing machine sewing machine sewing button does not need to change the stitching, and the production efficiency is high, so it is widely used, and it has two types of organic needle swing type and button swing type.

button sewing machine

When the former is sewing a button, the needle is mainly oscillated from side to side; the latter is that the needle only moves up and down, and the button is swung left and right. The needle swing type is durable in structure and low in noise, and does not cause the operator's visual fatigue due to the swing of the button and the clothes, and the production efficiency is relatively high, which is generally adopted by the sewing factory.

The form of the sewing button: as shown in Figure 1, the form of the sewing button: double-hole or four-hole flat button, suitable for the soft buttons of men's shirts, knitwear, underwear, etc., the diameter of such buttons is small; Wrapped around the button, suitable for coats, suits, raincoats and other medium-thick buttons, such buttons have larger diameters; handles or metal ring buttons, suitable for military uniforms, uniforms, identification buttons, etc. In addition, the button sewing machine can also be used for stitching buttons and labels.


The size of the button, China is represented by the outer diameter of the button; internationally, Ligne is usually used as the unit of measure of the button size. 1 Lenny is equal to 0.635mm, such as 18 men's shirt commonly used 18 Lenny button outer diameter of 11.4mm. The button range for the usual button sewing machine is 9 to 26 mm in diameter.

The seam type and the number of stitches of the stitch buttons are available in the "傸", "Ten" and "Z" shapes (Fig. 2) and the designated no-pass type. The number of stitches is 6 stitches, 12 stitches and 24 stitches, 8 stitches, 16 stitches and 24 stitches, and the number of stitches specified.

The nail button sewing machine has a high degree of automation. The operator only needs to install the button, and after setting the button position, the sewing machine can automatically perform the sewing after the control panel is pressed. After the specified number of stitches, the sewing machine automatically stops and cuts the thread. The fully automatic nail button sewing machine is equipped with an automatic button fastening device. GJ4-2 type button sewing machine sewing machine sewing "傸" type, 20 needles (16 stitches), 4-hole flat button work process: when the button button action starts, the needle first in the front row of the button in a pair of holes Swing from left to right, stitching from the first stitch to the ninth stitch (Fig. 3); the button and the sewing material are fixed. After the ninth stitch, the button moves the button and the sewing material longitudinally to form a crossing line 9 10; Then, the needle swings left and right in the pair of holes in the back row, from the 10th stitch to the 18th needle; finally, the needle continuously punctures the two stitches in the hole on the right side, that is, 19, 20 Fasten the stitches. After the 20th needle, the machine will automatically stop, and the button will move the button and the sewing material back to the original position. When the button is lifted and the sewing material is taken out, the thread is cut by the secant or the automatic thread cutter to complete the button movement.

How to find a button sewing machine, please check: button sewing machine

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