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What is compound feeding sewing machine?
Sep 19, 2019

Sewing machine is a machine that uses one or more sewing threads to form one or more stitches to interweave or stitch. Sewing machine can sew cotton, linen, silk, wool, man-made fibers and leather, plastic, paper and other products. The stitches are neat and beautiful, flat and firm, fast and easy to use. So what is compound feeding sewing machine?

sewing machine

Compound feeding sewing machine is also known as edge-locking machine, edge-folding machine. It is used for the edge-locking of various fabrics. Because the edges of most fabrics are easy to disperse after cutting, it is necessary to lock the edges before making the finished products to prevent the fabric from dispersing.


The most suitable knitting fabrics are cotton, polyester and polyester-cotton yarns. This kind of fabric is characterized by soft texture, large flexibility, breathability, sweat absorption, comfortable and casual wear, rich personality. Knitted fabrics also have such other characteristics as dispersibility, crimping, pilling and so on. Therefore, special technology is needed in the sewing process of ready-made clothes, so it is inseparable from the wrapping machine and the stretching machine. 

Compound feeding is to sew the edge of the fabric. Knitted fabrics are composed of coil series sleeves, and the edge of the cut piece is easy to split. Therefore, the edge of the cut piece should be seamed first (commonly known as "edge-folding") and then sewed with a flat sewing machine. Flat sewing machine and lapping sewing machine are the main types of sewing knitting fashion.

The seam of compound feeding sewing machine are stitches that are set at the edge of the material by several stitches circulating in series. Its characteristic is that the edge of the sewing material can be wrapped up and the edge of the fabric can be prevented from dispersing. When the stitches are stretched, there may be a certain degree of mutual transfer between the surface line and the bottom line, so the stitches have better elasticity.

Some sewing machines include the function of sewing. There is also a separate sewing machine.

The compound feeding sewing machine is mainly used at the cuffs and hems of knitted garments . Double or three-needle straight seam on the front and zigzag chain seam on the reverse. The characteristics of stretching stitches are high strength, good tension and smooth stitches, which can prevent the fabric edge from splitting. Strain seam is often used in rolling, collar rolling, folding, stitching and trimming, which not only has high strength and elasticity, but also can make the seam smooth.

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