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What Is Double Needle Sewing Machine?
Apr 27, 2020

Double needle sewing machine is a commonly used sewing machine with two needles in two-synchronization and three-synchronization. The effect of sewing at the corners is that the two threads are parallel and parallel to each other. But it is indispensable, although the flat car can sometimes replace the double needle, considering the efficiency to use the flat car to do the double needle work in mass production, unless it is a small amount of production, the double needle is high in efficiency, and the double line is parallel and beautiful.


The double needle sewing machine is commonly used in ordinary and computer type, suitable for thin and thick fabrics.


The existing double-thread side sewing machine usually includes a casing, which is provided with an organic needle assembly, a needle bar holder, a needle driving mechanism for driving the movement of the needle assembly, a swing arm mechanism, which is provided on the swing arm mechanism and A thread catcher and a thread take-up assembly matched with the needle assembly. The thread catcher includes an outer ring, a shuttle holder, a ring gear, a split thread of the thread hook and the thread hook fixedly connected to the thread hook, and the thread hook is provided on the thread hook The shuttle inside.


Double-thread side sewing machine has the following characteristics:

1. With a lightly designed rocker structure, it can prevent the operator from fatigue for a long time, and at the same time, the oil-immersed lubricating Xiyong can eliminate the need to replace the horns under normal use.

2. The device has a separate transmission structure. When the device gets stuck in the line, it will automatically cut off the power and stop running, so that the device can be safely protected.

3. The operation is convenient and simple, and even the heavy workload is not afraid. The equipment is equipped with a computer positioning motor, the running speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the high speed can reach 1000 revolutions per minute.

4. This equipment can sew double-sided sports shoes, casual shoes and various special sewing.

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