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Ultrasonic Stitching Machine

Ultrasonic Stitching Machine

1.Product name: ultrasonic stitching machine
2. Total power:2500W
3. Ultrasonic power: 2000W
4. Max Speed: 20M/Min.
5. Mould width: 0-70mm

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Ultrasonic stitching machine can be widely used in various chemical fiber fabrics, various artificial leathers, non-woven fabrics, sprayed cotton, thermoplastic films, chemical plastic sheets, etc.

Basic configuration:

1. Pneumatic mould lifting system

2. Pneumatic puller lifting system

3. Intelligent ultrasonic generator

4. 620k /HZ high power ultrasonic transducer device



TSL-1700SN-01Q single motor (motor drives rear supporting wheel and disc)

TSL-1700SN-02Q double motor (motor 1 drives the rear supporting wheel and disk, motor 2 drives the ultrasonic wave head to rotate)


1. Analog circuit, featuring high power, stable quality, double pneumatic design, pneumatic lifting pressure plate, pneumatic lifting tug; reducing manual pressure, more convenient and easier to use.

2. The fastest sewing speed of ultrasonic stitching machine can reach 20 meters per minute.

3. The ultrasonic generator has a built-in computer chip and a multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure safe and stable operation.

4. Ultrasonic wave head uses domestic high-quality ceramics to make the best power conversion rate and more stable stitching.

5. No need for needle thread, save cost and avoid the trouble of needle thread break.

6. The running speed of ultrasonic stitching machine is high, the running speed is four times that of the ordinary sewing machine, and the operation is simple.


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