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Upholstery Sewing Machines

Double Needle Post Bed Sewing Machine

1.Product name: Double-needle Long Arm Post-bed Sewing Machine
3.Maximum sewing speed:400r.p.m
4.​Stitch length:14mm
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The post bed sewing machine is the latest products of the TOPEAGLE for extra heavy duty materials, which is developed on the basis of the classical flat bed extra heavy duty sewing machine TCF-243. which is designed for large-scale and extra-thick objects especially. The double needle post bed sewing machines are divided into double-needle machine (2N), single-needle left-side stitching bed (L) and single-needle right-side stitching bed (R) sewing machines.

It adopts long-arm post-bed type and compound feeding with large vertical rotating shuttle. It possesses the following advantages stable and strong feeding, smooth and nice stitch. extra operating space and easy sewing for multi-layer extra-thick materials. Post-bed sewing machine is also equipped with pneumatic foot lifter device with large presser stroke and pneumatic reverse sewing with convenient and easy operation. At the same time, high-performance servo control system can select and set various sewing modes conveniently.

Technical data:





Maximum sewing speed


Stitch length


Needle bar stroke


Presser foot lifting height

Pneumatic 28mm


DY×3 27#

Needle gauge




Shuttle hook


Sewing thread

V415, # 7 line, 1300dx3 or 1.4mm Hollow thread/ Ornamental thread

Sewing bed height


Lubrication system

Manual lubrication


220V 550W servo motor

Working space



H243-2N sttiches 01 H243-2N sttiches 03

H243-2N sttiches 04 H243-2N sttiches 02


The post bed sewing machine is especially applicable for large-scale and extra-thick materials, such as tent, sails, umbrella, covers for automobile, protective cover, camouflage net and so on. So double needle post bed sewing machine also called sewing machine for sofa, tents sewing machine, sail sewing machine.


1. Long arm post bed, large working space 420mm *335mm

2. Compound feeding mechanism, feeding smoothly.

3. Adopting large vertical barrel shuttle hook.

4. Pneumatic foot lifter, max presser foot lift height 22mm.

5. Pneumatic reverse sewing, easily operation.

6. Equipped large powerful servo motor 220V/750W.

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