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5 practical features of automatic sewing machine
Jun 22, 2021

1.Clothing Design:

Fully automatic sewing machine is using CAD software to make templates, according to customer needs to design different types of pattern . The designed pieces and sewing information are all in the template software. The machine automatically recognizes and sews. The sewing process and results can be tracked and recorded, which makes the automatic collection of data becomes easy.

2. A High degree of Automation

Fully sewing machine can use intelligent chip, according to the type of clothing to choose the pattern, cloth thickness automatically adjust the foot. According to the style and color, select the appropriate pattern, stitch size, and thread size. The machine is connected with the industrial Internet to realize the informatization and digital management of production.

Fully automatic sewing machine

3. Sewing stitches

It using computer editing pattern program, sewing intelligent variable speed, the sewing process is fully automatic computer control. Automatic identification of the template corresponding to the stitch file, improving its accuracy .

4. Sewing function:

The automatic sewing machine can automatically circulate sewing a variety of patterns, which can fold sewing, thick material sewing, multi-layer sewing with clip material, and arc and polygonal sewing; It also has embroidery function, Buttonhole opening bag cutting, Collar pocket cover clean edge, gradual stitch, mark identification function, broken thread detection function, back stitch rethread function; Template automatic positioning, automatic reading, automatic start of sewing and many other functions.

5. Structure

The fully automatic sewing machine subverts the traditional structure of any sewing machine in the past, increasing the material preparation link, and setting two work tables to sew alternately without waiting. The structure has undergone a radical transformation, which is a revolutionary undertaking.

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