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Using of 8 sewing machines presser foot
Jun 24, 2021

1. Synchronous presser foot: Use it to evenly feed multiple pieces of fabric. It is very useful for fabrics such as peak plastic coating and leather that are difficult to feed, as well as fabrics that are easy to slip, such as velvet, or quilting and patchwork.

2. Rolling lace presser foot: used to make a shell-like hemming effect on light fabrics. It is often used for the hemming of silk scarves to shorten the stitch length, which can be used for a close copy effect.

3. Roller leather presser foot: used for sewing various special fabrics. For some special fabrics that are difficult to feed, using this presser foot to go back is very effective. The roller on the presser foot can reduce the resistance of the cloth when passing through, allowing the difficult-to-sewn fabric to pass smoothly.

4. Single-side presser foot: presser foot piping roller presser foot, used to install open zipper and piping roller. It can be sewn tightly along the edge of the hard strip, such as the hard strip piping on the edge of a sofa cover. There is an adjustable device on the presser foot, which can adjust the left and right position and distance of the presser foot at any time to adapt to various piping sewing.

sewing machines presser foot

5. Thin material folding presser foot: used to assist the pleating to complete the effect. The upper and lower layers of thin fabrics can be stitched simultaneously, the bottom layer of thin fabrics will automatically come out of the pleated effect. It is suitable for sewing some thin fabrics with the effect of fine lace and frills.

6. Beaded piece or ribbon presser foot: used for sewing various decorative braids, bead pieces and sequins.

7. Dedicated linear presser foot: used to sew linear stitches of ultra-thin fabrics. It can be positioned at the authenticity to sew in a straight line and keep the surface of the fabric without wrinkles.

8. Dedicated button presser foot: a presser foot specially used for button fastening.

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