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867 Automotive Sewing Machine for sewing seats for vehicles
Feb 25, 2021

Traveling, or by car, high-speed rail, or flight. However, the sewing of seats, cushions, backrests, sunroofs, etc. of these vehicles can not be divorced from intelligent machines. Topeagle's 867 Automotive Sewing Machine is the best machine for sewing seats!

best machine for sewing seats

The machine head is vertically raised and lowered, the lifting height is 5CM. It is suitable for sewing all kinds of ultra-thick materials. The 867 Automotive Sewing Machine's head can be lifted so that the template production is not restricted by the height, and the design is free.

machine head

The lifting machine head can sew any 3D stereo template, which is convenient for the template to enter and exit and the machine head to move, without worrying about the needle or the presser foot hitting the template. The working area is large, the maximum working area is 1200×800MM, the working speed is high, and the pattern is accurate. The pattern can be designed arbitrarily, the sewing is not limited, featuring the automatic thread trimming function, the ultra-thick material sewing system, the stitch is stable, with imported double-speed large rotating shuttle, the lower thread capacity is longer.

Automotive Sewing Machine                                  867 Automotive Sewing Machine

Topeagle's 867 Automotive Sewing Machine is suitable for car seats, 3D car seat cushions, car door panels, baby stroller seats (cushions), child safety seats, seat cushions; sofas, furniture bags, carpets , Foot pads, bulletproof vests and other thick materials or leather sewing such as luggage, three-dimensional clothing template sewing, etc.

If you need purchase 867 Automotive Sewing Machine or for any inquiry or further information, welcome contact [email protected]. Topeagle International Ltd. would always provide you an all-in-one solution.

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