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Do You Know the High Speed Industrial Sewing Machine?
Jan 06, 2020

Industrial sewing machine is the main equipment for the industrial production of clothing. And the manufacturing quality and working accuracy of high-speed industrial sewing machines are very different.

Since the world's first hand-cranked sewing machine, the sewing machine has gone from simple to complex, from low speed to high speed,The process from single use to multiple functions, from home manual operation to industrial automation production.

high speed industrial sewing machine

Today, people can use sewing machines to complete various operations, and their varieties are increasing. Industrial sewing machines can be divided into general sewing machines, special sewing machines and decorative sewing machines according to their application scope. General-purpose sewing machines are the most widely used models in the production of clothing machinery, mainly including flat sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, chain sewing machines, and interlock sewing machines. Special sewing machines are used to perform and complete various special sewing processes. There are mainly bar tacking machines, button sewing machines, buttonhole machines, bag opening machines, and blind sewing machines. In sewing production, in addition to general-purpose sewing machines and special sewing machines, decorative sewing machines are often used for aesthetic needs or in order to increase the variety of colors to sew various beautiful decorative seams. 

Due to the ever-changing decoration, there are quite a lot of machines used. It commonly used zigzag sewing machine, crescent machine, pattern machine, bead machine, embroidery machine and so on.

With the situation of "multi-variety, small batch, fast delivery" in the clothing industry, the requirements for higher quality, efficiency and functions of industrial sewing machines are increasing day by day. As the main technical parameter of the sewing machine, the "sewing speed" is constantly upgraded. From the initial low-speed industrial sewing machine with a sewing speed of not more than 1500r / min to the medium-speed industrial sewing machine with a sewing speed of 3000r / min and the sub-high-speed industrial sewing machine with a sewing speed of 3500 ~ 4000r / min, the sewing speed is now 4500r / min , 5000t / min high-speed industrial sewing machine has become the mainstream.

At present, various types of electromechanical and ultra-high-speed industrial sewing machines with a sewing speed of 5500r / min. 6000r / min. 800 / min have been used, and foreign countries have ultra-high-speed overlock sewing machines with a sewing speed of 1000 / min.

At present, China has become a large manufacturing country in the sewing machine industry. Its total output of sewing machines accounts for more than 70% of the world's total. There are thousands of large and small sewing equipment manufacturers in different systems such as foreign capital, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises. However, due to technical and other constraints, most of China's sewing machine companies are in the imitation stage, and obviously lag behind Japanese heavy machinery, brothers and other companies in the market competition. The market demand will develop in the direction of high speed, precision and automation of sewing machines.

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