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Eyelet buttonhole machine
Jan 08, 2019


The eyelet buttonhole machine is an industrial sewing machine that is specially designed for sewing buttonholes in heavy-duty garments, It is looks like a eye of the people, The so-called "eyelet" means that the front end of the buttonhole of the sewing lock is circular. and also it called as key hole, because it is looks like a key, Its characteristic is that the shape of the buttonhole is beautiful and the stitches are even and firm. The buttonhole machine is a very important equipment in the garment machinery, and the eyelet buttonhole machine is also a commonly used one in the keyhole machine of our country. The keyhole machine is mainly used to process the buttonholes in various types of clothing, and is divided into a flat buttonhole machine and a round-head buttonhole machine, which are divided into two types: tail closing and no ending.

TBH-9820 eyelet button hole machine


The eyelet buttonhole machine system generally consists of nine mechanisms: feeding mechanism, crochet mechanism, needle bar mechanism, stretcher mechanism, hook and hook mechanism, upper knife mechanism, slide mechanism, and branching mechanism. Each set has its own characteristics and functions, and is relatively independent, but they are closely coordinated and coordinated in their work.

TBH-_9820 eyelet button hole machine

Operation sequence of the eyelet buttonhole machine

The order of operation of the eyelet buttonhole machine is as follows:

After the opening and locking of the eyelet buttonhole machine is started, first drop the cutter and cut the buttonhole on the sewing material. Then feed quickly in the Y direction and send the part to be locked to the needle. Then, the hook line and the stabbing mechanism act to slowly feed the lock. Turn to the round head, then slowly send the other side of the lock until the end seam. Finally, it is quickly fed to the original position in the Y direction and automatically stopped.

eyelet button hole sewing machine

Operation sequence of the buttonhole lock of the buttonhole.

The operation sequence of the buttonhole buttonhole of the buttonhole buttonhole machine:

Start the motor, press the start handle, press the sewing material under the presser foot, cut the buttonhole, feed the feed quickly, feed the sewing material into the sewing lock position, start the sewing lock feed, end the sewing lock, and quickly start the carriage. Position, the presser foot is lifted, the machine is idling, and the buttonhole is locked.

The eyelet buttonhole machine generally adopts a swing needle bar, a double curved needle, a double fork needle hook line, and a double wire overlock compound chain stitch. The elastic presser foot structure of the eyelet buttonhole machine automatically adapts to the clamping of different fabric thicknesses. The operator can easily sew buttonholes of various shapes and sizes by changing the two cams. The upper cam determines the shape of the round head, and the lower cam determines the tail pattern and buttonhole length. The upper thread automatic cutting device facilitates the operation and leaves the appropriate upper thread length required for the initial seam to ensure that the buttonhole is sewn. The machine can quickly perform the conversion of the first cut back seam and the first seam back cut.

Keyhole stitch

Automatic eyelet buttonhole machine

The automatic eyelet buttonhole machine sets a new standard for keyhole machining of high-end fabrics. The combination of the new sewing motion system and the program-controlled needle tension ensures a perfect stitch on all fabrics. It can process keyholes with or without core wire. The method of cutting holes can be cut first or later and then cut first. The perfect keyhole adds brilliance to your suit.

TBH-9820 eyelet button hole machine

Development status

China is the world's largest market for textile machinery and garment machinery. The annual import of textile machinery plus the total value of domestically produced equipment in China is more than 8 billion US dollars. Technical equipment support is needed at the new stage of development, in addition to investing more in high-paying equipment. There is also a need to quickly establish a large professional market. Compared with textile machinery, it is mainly in various varieties and small batches. Garment machinery is mainly based on large-scale and multi-volume, and is more suitable for sales and service in large markets.

China's keyhole machine, especially the round-head buttonhole machine, was also a blank 15 years ago. It has only just started in the past ten years. Many kinds of keyhole machines produced in China are mainly made up of imitation products from Europe and America.

China's sewing equipment industry has entered an unprecedented stage of vigorous development. Foreign advanced technology was introduced, and the modern management mode of foreign countries began to be absorbed and accepted. The performance of domestically produced equipment and technology have also been greatly improved, and the process of mechatronics is also accelerating. Many domestic enterprises have also increased their development efforts to ensure equipment stability and technological advancement. The equipment of several well-known brands in China has been highly recognized by many well-known clothing companies.

The rapid growth and progress of the garment manufacturing industry is inseparable from the support and promotion of the production and supply systems of garment machinery and auxiliary materials. With the strategic adjustment and transfer of the global apparel machinery industry competition pattern, China has become the most important garment machinery production base and consumer market in the world through the unremitting efforts of local garment machinery industry enterprises.

The development of the global apparel industry is based on the full sharing of information in the industry chain, and the common development is based on full complementarity and cooperation. The international business competition in the apparel industry is inevitable, but only by fully sharing their respective superior resources and complementarity, cooperation and exchanges, seeking cooperation in competition and competing on the basis of cooperation are the ways and directions for the progress and development of the garment industry. In addition to promoting the progress and development of industrial enterprises, the integration of international clothing superior resources has a more prominent role in enhancing the leap-forward development of the apparel industry.

The imitation and improvement of sewing equipment is a common phenomenon in the industry, but the keyhole machine is a complicated and precise machine. Some key components can not be imitated at once, even if imitated, in terms of performance. It is also difficult to achieve the standard it should have, so the performance of the production is unstable and the effect is not good.

With the advent of the world's new technological revolution, domestic equipment production began to use electronic technology as much as possible to improve equipment utilization. It has been designed and processed by electronic computer and laser technology to promote the high efficiency and high quality of the garment industry.

TOPEAGLE brand TBH-9820 is the one of the most popular eyelet buttonhole sewing machines in the world market, it can use in different fields, such as business suites, jeans, jaackets, coats, etc. it is the best choice for your production.

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