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What is the difference of straight button hole machine and eyelet button hole machine
Jan 10, 2019

The difference between the round head Button hole machine and the flat head Button hole machine

Button hole machine is a very important equipment in garment machinery. It is mainly used to process buttonholes in various types of clothing. It is divided into flat buttonhole machine (straight button hole machine) and eyelet buttonhole machine. It is a very important special equipment in garment machinery.

The straight buttonhole machine is a relatively common industrial sewing machine. The so-called "flat head" means that the ends of the buttonhole of the slot lock are flat, and the number of stitches is realized by a set of gear exchange devices of 54#-345#. The straight buttonhole machine is mostly used for the lock seam of shirts and casual pants.

tbh-190 button hole sewing machine

The most popular straight button hole sewing machine is TOPEAGLE TBH-1790S.Which is TOPEAGLE INTERNATIONAL LTD. introduce the Japanese technology to develop the direct drive straight button hole sewing machine.

The eyelet buttonhole sewing machine is an industrial sewing machine specially used for sewing buttonholes in thick and medium clothing. The so-called "round head" means that the front end of the buttonhole of the sewing lock is round, which is characterized by beautiful shape of the buttonhole and uniform stitches. solid. Its standard flower shape has 31 kinds, the maximum can be adjusted to 99, mainly used in suits, coats, jackets, denim and other fields.

 eyelet button hole sewing machine

The most popular model is TOPEAGLE brand TBH-9820 series, and TBH-580 series. Which was TOPEAGLE INTERNATIONAL LTD introduced the world latest technology and developed. It is the ideal eyelet button hole sewing machine for the suites, coats,jacket,jeans, etc.

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