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How do face mask machine purchaser debug the machine?
May 26, 2021

Most face mask machine purchaser and users have a certain understanding of various machines, more good self-learner take the initiative to learn its debugging knowledge. Firstly, it is convenient for simple maintenance of their own equipment. In this article, Topeagle will introduce you to maintenance and debugging of machine and folding face mask machine!

The automatic mask body filming machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of the mask on the flat machine. After the whole roll of fabric is unrolled, it is driven by the roller. In the edging fabric, the two sides are welded to the seal by ultrasonic, and after the ultrasonic side seal, it is cut into shape by a cutter, and the whole process is automatically controlled. The scientific and reasonable mechanical transmission configuration makes the machine extremely efficient. The special welding and cutter wheel are designed with good wear resistance, which greatly improves the service life of the product.

face mask machine

When you have purchased a face mask machine and need to be debugged, pay attention to the following notes :

1. All adjustments must have a reference, otherwise it cannot be debugged later.

2. On the unwinding rack, pay attention to the up and down position of the bridge of the nose, with the convex direction facing upward, and there is a wire guide wheel on the bridge of the nose. This part is currently missing from many drawings.

3. The tension is adjusted properly, the feeding position of the material belt is symmetrical. It is best to have a scale for easy adjustment.

4. Replace the folding mechanism with two or three tapered stepped shafts, and the upper and lower two installations should be careful not to install the opposite directions, the adjustment heights of both sides must be the same.

5. After the folding mechanism, there are two upper and lower shaping rollers. At present, many drawings only have one. Two mounting plates need to be redone, and a roller (component one) is added to the top. There is a roller (component two) at the back, and the distance between component one and two is best adjustable. Several rows of screw holes can be drilled on the platen to facilitate the adjustment of the distance.

6. The long ribs of the upper nose bridge mechanism need to be chamfered. At present, many drawings do not have chamfers. This part needs to be redone.

7. There is only one side wall and one edge of the rolling knife on many drawings, and some of the edges need to be redone.

8. There are quite a lot of refueling skills, if you are proficient, you can change it in a minute or two. In fact, as a whole, all drawings are not problematic, a mechanical engineer can handle it!

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