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How does the Automatic Pocket Welting Machine ensure the sewing output?
Jan 27, 2021

The Automatic Pocket Welting Machine is indispensable to the sewing industry nowadays. In the sewing of patterns, its unique servo control and electromechanical integration are more efficient in sewing patterns. As our daily lives the demand continues to increase, and the use of automatic pocket attaching machines is becoming more and more frequent. So how can we ensure the sewing output for the use of sewing machines?

fully Automatic Pocket Welting Machine

1. The stitches pull the fabric inward (shrink in the direction of the embroidery needle) where the embroidery needle passes through the fabric, which may cause the fabric to wrinkle, and there will be gaps in the fabric. Automatic shrinkage compensation is to embroider the contour lines of the needle-filled shape on both sides of the embroidery needle passing through the fabric, so the automatic shrinkage compensation can offset the undesirable results of such wrinkles and gaps. An experienced pattern maker can also overlap the objects during plate making (that is, make the border a little larger when stroked), and use manual methods to compensate for shrinkage.

2. Embroider lower stitches before filling stitches to stabilize the fabric or prevent the embroidery thread from sinking into the fabric. The best type of bottom seam depends on the size of the fabric, shape, and type of filling stitch used. Larger areas and elastic fabrics such as knitted fabrics and embossed fabrics require lower seams than smaller areas and harder fabrics such as twill or leather.

Automatic Pocket Welting Machine

3. Only qualified products can be produced in a good working environment. If our working environment is messy, we don’t pay attention to product identification and placement, and do not clean and hygienic well, our semi-finished products and finished products will be easily stained and deformed. At the same time, operating in an unplanned environment, production efficiency is difficult to guarantee high efficient.

4. Reduce the bulge of the stitches at the sharp corners. The sharp corners in the shape of the stitches and stitch points bulge, which will form a hard part on the fabric, it may also damage the fabric or break the embroidery needle. Using smart corners can help you control sharp corners in the input method A and input method C objects. There are two types: beveled corners and cap-shaped corners.


5. The normal operation of the Automatic Pocket Welting Machine is the key to ensuring quality. Many quality problems are caused by the malfunction of the sewing machine, such as jumpers, floating wires, broken wires, tooth marks, scratches, and inconsistent lines during the production process. All are caused by abnormal machine operation or improper adjustment. In view of this, we must do a good job in the daily warranty and maintenance of the sewing machine, and troubleshoot the machine in time.

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