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How to carry out simple repairs on Double Needle Lockstitch Machine?
Mar 02, 2021

There always is a pain point exiting on all kinds of double stitching machines, that is, It is unstable at work. There is also a problem with the mating time of the needle and rotary hook.

The bottom dead center of the needle is adjusted according to the condition of the fabric sewn by the Double Needle Lockstitch Machine. When the needle rises 2.2mm from the bottom dead center (or look at the lower end surface of the engraved line and the needle column sleeve), move the hook shaft seat around to make the distance between the needle and the hook tip be 0-0.05mm , The distance between the needle and the needle stop is 0-0.07mm, the center line of the needle is consistent with the tip of the hook.

double needle lockstitch machine

Depending on the actual situation, adjust the catching thread time faster or slower, turn the handwheel to put the thread back hook in the final position. Rotate the inner hook in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the hook, so that the hook stop is in contact with the needle plate groove. Loosen the fixing screw of the thread return hook to make the clearance between the inner shuttle triangle baffle and the thread return hook 0.2-0.3mm. If the gap is too large, the wire sleeve will be loose and the wire will be broken; if the gap is too small, the wire return hook will be damaged.

double needle lockstitch machine bottom dead center of the needle

Don't forget, the gap between the upper surface of the needle plate groove and that of the shuttle stopper is adjusted to be 0.8-1.0mm. Replace the backing plate on the hook shaft to change the height of the hook. The second misunderstanding is that the general machine repair will raise the needle board to adjust its gap.

Maintenance rate of Double Needle Lockstitch Machine is high.

The maintenance rate is very high, especially after a few years of use, a lot of phase time is a bit messy. Many machine repairs can’t be adjusted in any way. With years of experience, the masseuse knew that there wouldn't be much problem if the time of many sections was adjusted.

Maintenance rate of Double Needle Lockstitch Machine

First of all, let's start from the needle pillar and the teeth.First of all, set the cloth delivering capacity (adjusting plate) to zero. Before delivering the cloth, turn the rotating wheel to make the needle pillar at the lower dead point.He loosened the screw on the horizontal arm and adjusted the inner distance between the needle pillar and the foot stick to about 1.5mm. If the needle was not properly adjusted, it would cause jumping and breaking. Pay attention to the change of the falling point of the cloth teeth, and adjust the cloth teeth to cooperate. The cloth feeding time should be adjusted to the horizontal cloth feeding cams' engraved point, which coincided with the next one.The horizontal feeding cams should not be dislocated, otherwise they would rotate heavily. The needles would enter along the center of the feeding teeth. (it is very important, otherwise there will be a floating line phenomenon.) there are two misunderstandings. One is that an ordinary mechanic will adjust the needle rod to coordinate with the feeding teeth, and the falling needle point is not in the middle of the feeding teeth.

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