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How to choose a leather sewing machine?
Jun 17, 2021

For leather sewing machines, the complete statement should be: (Single needle, Cylinder bed, Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machines) for heavy materials.

Different using, manufacturers, and models will also have differences. the key parameters need to be clarified before purchasing.

What is it for? What kind of material is processed?

Because the Cylinder bed has a problem of the length and diameter of the cylinder arm, it is generally divided into a small high machine and a big high machine according to the diameter of the cylinder arm. The diameter of the small is generally about 50mm or less.

Depending on the thickness and hardness of the processed material, the requirements for the thickness (thickness that can be sewn well) and power, including feeding capacity, stability, and needle and thread coordination, are different. Thus, leather sewing machines is divided into sewing machines for medium and heavy materials and for extremely heavy materials.

leather sewing machine

Only shoes, belts, harnesses, and even some complex leather furniture will use very thick sewing machines. Briefly summarizing the difference between the medium and heavy material sewing machine and the extremely heavy material sewing machine and the key points of purchase: the extremely heavy material sewing machine is designed for the rare thick material, and the design of the needle thread and the entire machine is based on the extremely heavy material as the main scene-large Thick thread of the shuttle hook, thick thread, bigger needle, thick needle plate presser feeding teeth, etc. If the extremely thick material is not commonly used and is not necessary, then you can not consider buying it. On the contrary, the thick material sewing machine is a small-nozzle (double-large) rotary hook with a medium-sized needle with a thick thread, a relatively small second fine and stable needle plate presser foot feed dog.

According to your actual leather sewing machines needs, as far as my personal experience is concerned, the sewing machine for medium and heavy materials (small-mouth high-speed machine) is more commonly used. The degree of fineness of operation affected by needle thread, cylinder arm diameter, and other various parameters, Both are better choices for purses, handbags, etc.

Different from household sewing machines, industrial sewing machines generally have a narrower exclusive use for each machine model, so very thick material sewing machines, I personally think that compared with medium thick material sewing machines, it is used for small leather goods in terms of fineness and flexibility. It's not appropriate, and it seems impossible to save money by wanting one machine with multiple functions. For example, you may also need a synchronized car (called DY car in the industry, which is different from the ordinary flat car used in clothing) that is more specialized in flat sewing of medium and heavy materials, a column-shaped high car that is more suitable for shoes and boots, or a double car in special scenes. Needle sewing machines, etc., depending on each person's own use scene and budget.

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