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How to safely operate an ultrasonic embossing machine?
Jun 15, 2021

Do you know the safety operating procedures of the ultrasonic embossing machine? users who came into contact with the machine for the first time may be unfamiliar with it, which will affect the progress of the operation. Therefore, the technical personnel of Topeagle will analyze the safety operation specifications as follows:

The safe operating procedures of the ultrasonic embossing machine are as follows:

1. According to the temperature specified in the production process, heat the embossed board 30 minutes in advance. Check whether the temperatures in the three temperature zones are the same.

2. Before working, check the elevated power switch of the operating console, and check whether the safety partition and the emergency stop button are reasonable. When all kinds of automatic switches are not working, do not start working to prevent personal safety accidents!

3. Install the required embossed board (or screed) according to the production process. Before installing it, all boards should be removed, it is not necessary to hang on the anchor bolts to prevent damage to the embossing board (or screed). flat). When removing and changing the wrench, the pressure cannot be adjusted too much.

4. When applying embossed board, pay attention to the design of the pattern to be neat and clear. If there is environmental pollution, relatively solvent and fine copper wire brush should be used to paint. When there is a standard, it can be cleaned with a high-pressure water pump and boiling water. When cleaning the flower board, remove the flower board from the equipment and find an area with good natural ventilation to prevent open flames and combustibles.

ultrasonic embossing machine

5. Ensure safety when changing boards. When the lift arrives during work, notify other board changers to ensure that all personnel's limbs leave the operating table, at the same time,there are no other objects on the embossing board or screed. Before using the electric forklift, check its working condition . If there is any abnormality, maintenance must be carried out to prevent accidental injury or damage to the embossed board and screed during the entire process of changing the board.

6. In the whole process of changing the board, the person who changes the board and the actual operator of the equipment must be on site. In the whole process here, care should be taken to prevent scratching the embossed board. After changing the plate, when it is determined that the embossed plate has no scratches during the whole process of changing the plate, the plate changer and the actual operator of the equipment should sign on the plate change record and indicate the plate change time (time is in minutes). If there is a scratch, report it immediately. If there is any situation that is not reported, before the next application of the embossed board, after another actual operator finds the scratches, conduct investigations on the replacement personnel and the previous application status.

7. Except for the felt and rubber pads needed during work, no objects other than leather products boards can be placed on the work surface.

8. When working, wear long-sleeved tops and work clothes, fasten cufflinks or put on sleeves. No need to wear rings, bracelets, bracelets and other accessories. You don't need to cut your nails too short. There is no need to touch the heated embossing board or ironing board. When using the mobile phone, please leave the working area of the device.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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