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Working principle of Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine
Jun 10, 2021

Many people do not know that the disposable mask machine is actually a fully automatic face mask cutting machine body. Whether it is from automatic feeding, edging, ultrasonic fusion, slicing, etc., it is automated through one line. The entire process is labor-saving and time-saving.

Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine has the traits as follow: a relatively small volume, less area occupancy, and high stability. Since the hopper can stop automatically, if the mold on the machine is replaced, various sizes of disposable masks can be produced. Because the machine is of aluminum alloy structure, its characteristics are relatively strong and not easy to rust. The appearance is also more beautiful, and ultrasonic welding can be adjusted.

Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine

【Inner ear mask machine】

It mainly uses ultrasonic welding, The inner ear mask machine has several characteristics: its machine is relatively dense and covers a small area; secondly, the entire structure is made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to rust; because most of them are fully automatic, the failure rate is Compared with manual machines, it is lower, the inner ear mask machine only needs one worker to complete the work.

【Tie Mask Machine】

It is also mainly the ultrasonic welding , Set up the conveying device in advance on the machine, put the semi-finished mask on the conveying device, then go through the process of pulling the tube and wrapping, next press the ultrasonic flower wheel, finally cut the strap to output the finished product. The strapping mask machine has the following characteristics: the whole machine is mainly made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with a light appearance; it can also perform automatic counting and regularly control the production progress; pay attention to frequency conversion control, which can be adjusted according to actual needs The working speed of the equipment; it is more accurate in positioning and cost saving.

【Outer ear mask machine】

The main purpose is to fuse elastic bands on both sides of the mask by ultrasonic wave, and then make the finished mask.

The outer ear mask machine has these characteristics: the machine is the same as the previous two, it is small in size and does not take up space; it mainly uses PLC program control, which has high stability and low failure rate; the entire machine is made of aluminum alloy structure , Not easy to rust; the strength of the earband welding can be adjusted.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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