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How to choose sewing threads for sewing machine?
Apr 08, 2021

The sewing threads are blunt cotton, polyester-cotton, blended, polyester and rayon, etc. which are generally made by twisting two, three, four, and six single yarns. The direction of twisting can be divided into two types: S twist and Z twist. Lockstitch sewing machines generally use Z-twisted threads, good-quality S-twisted threads can also be used on other sewing machines.

Cotton sewing thread has good sewing performance, but it shrinks more than synthetic fiber thread during washing, its strength, chemical resistance and abrasion are worse than latter. High-quality mercerized cotton thread is expensive, so cotton is rarely used for sewing. Featured by low cost, excellent seaming stability, durability and sewing properties, so Short fiber polyester sewing thread is suitable for all conventional garment sewing. The threads used in the overlock sewing machine is generally cotton thread, but due to the high cost of cotton fiber, polyester cotton thread is generally used instead.

sewing threads

When choosing the thickness of the sewing thread, the use of fine sewing thread should be considered first, which can be considered from the following aspects:

1. The lock stitch sewing machine has a limited bobbin volume, and the use of a thinner sewing thread can accommodate a longer sewing thread, which saves time for changing the shuttle and achieves high work efficiency.

2. The thin sewing thread is small in size and feels good in chain stitching.

3. The thin sewing thread occupies very little space when sewing, and it causes less fabric deformation and sewing wrinkles.

4. Small needles can be used for fine sewing threads to avoid needle holes in the fabric.

5. The fine sewing thread can also reduce the protruding seam marks, making it trapped in the inner layer of the fabric surface and reducing the effect of wear.

In the sewing process, it is necessary to ensure that the three specifications of the sewing needle, the sewing thread and the sewing material are matched to form the correct stitch.

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