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How to deal with thread breakage of interlock sewing machine due to needle heating?
Dec 15, 2021

Thread breakage and jumper of the interlock sewing machine due to needle heating are common faults. We can solve these problems in the following ways:

1. Needle heating is closely related to fabric. The thicker the cloth, the larger the contact area between the needle and the cloth during high-speed operation, the greater the friction, and it is easy to heat.

We can improve the needle bar to make the stroke less contact with the fabric. It is best to change the light material of the needle, such as the aluminum needle, which has good heat dissipation.

2. Use silicone oil to cool down. If you can use silicone oil and gun water to dilute the bubble line.

3. Adjust the clearance between the protective needle and the machine needle to zero. The needle protector not only promotes the formation of the thread ring but also helps the needle to dissipate heat.

4. If possible, good imported needles or needles with high specifications and heat resistance can be used.

5. The protective needle, machine needle, and bending needle shall not contact as much as possible to reduce friction. The teeth are better, the feeding is light, and the fabric will not squeeze more needles because of the differential.

6. If there is air, you can make a needle blowing and heat blowing pipe according to the mode of automatic air blowing and thread blowing of the bucket car. However, the air must pass through the cooled gas.

7. Directly reduce the speed of the interlock sewing machine.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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