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How to operate the ultrasonic lace machine?
Jun 04, 2020

A. Operation of Ultrasonic Lace Machines


(1) Insert the output cable and the motor control cable plug into the ultrasonic generator output socket and the motor cable socket respectively.

(2) Connect the ultrasonic generator power cable directly to the 220V power supply.

2.the pre-operation ultrasound examination

(1) Under the "test" button, the current meter does not exceed 2A and can normally emit ultrasonic waves, indicating that the machine is normal.

(2) Step down the control plate to make sure that the motor is turned correctly (at this point, the press wheel and the flower wheel must be in the lifting position).

(3) According to the material of the fabric, thick and thin, select the appropriate wheel speed and vibrator speed (adjustable wheel speed knob and vibrator knob).

(4) Place the fabric between the film and the paper tape and press the flower wheel and the press wheel.

(5) Step down again to control the foot and you can operate.

Ultrasonic pressing machine

B. maintenance of ultrasonic lace machines

1. Regularly do a good job of cleaning, to prevent confetti, confetti blocking the machine rotation. When the machine is not in use, turn off immediately and cut off the power.

2. Machine transmission part and air control system regular refueling and maintenance.

C. Precautions of using ultrasonic lace machines

1. power on, do not open the ultrasonic vibrator's shell, so as to avoid high-pressure injury, or damage the machine

2.the machine must be grounded reliably.

3. When the ultrasonic generator is operating, the output is an end-to-end open circuit.

4. Ultrasonic generator when working, the current meter indicates more than 2A, and accompanied by insufficient power (phenomenon is not cut edge, do not perforate), in case, they should immediately shut down, wait to find out the cause of the failure before the start-up work.

5. The machine operates continuously for 8 hours.

6. When the machine is not in use, relax the press wheel, cut off the air source, and relax the flower wheel.

7. The machine must be maintained by someone.

8. The variable lever, motor, foot switch is a consumable, not within the scope of the warranty.

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