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Detailed instructions on the use of ultrasonic lace machines
Jun 02, 2020

A. the basic principles

The ultrasonic lace machines is ultrasonically transmitted by an ultrasonic generator, which produces vertical vibration through the energy transfer device, amplifies the vibration amplitude with the help of a changer lever, and drives the amplitude lever and the flower wheel swing, respectively, by the motor. When the flower wheel is pressed down and contacted with the working surface of the horn, the fabric between the roller and the horn can be cut and melted under the mechanical effect (up and down vibration) and thermal effect of the ultrasonic wave. The fabric is driven by the press wheel to slide away from the work surface to achieve the function of continuous cutting and printing.

B. installation and commissioning

a. according to the needs of the user, ultrasonic lace machines can be installed different types of flower wheels to cut the required pattern. When installing the flower wheel, the flower wheel frame must be in the raised position, rotate the flower wheel to make the pin on the chain insert into the pin hole of the flower wheel; put down the flower wheel frame to make the flower wheel contact with the luffing rod, then install the auxiliary frame of the flower wheel, tighten the fixing screws, check whether it is installed properly, and then operate. When removing the flower wheel, follow the counter-procedure described above.


b. the method of pressure adjustment of the flower wheel

The adjustment of the pressure of the flower wheel should depend on the material and thickness of the fabric. In general, fabrics with thicker texture and low chemical fiber composition require greater pressure.

c. the installation method of fabric

(1) Place the paper tape and film into the guide groove separately and pass through the flower wheel and the press wheel.

(2) Lower the press wheel and the flower wheel, respectively, and press the paper tape and film.

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