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What is the method of ultrasonic welding?
Jun 01, 2020

Ultrasonic welding of Ultrasonic Lace Machine can be divided into planting welding, riveting welding, spot welding and molding according to the different welding methods.

Planting refers to the welding head squeezing metal parts into plastic holes under pressure.

planting welding

Riveting refers to the vibration of the welding head to suppress the protrusion of the item, so that its hot melt into a rivet-shaped, so that the two objects mechanically riveted.

riveting welding

Spot welding refers to point welding of objects that are not easy to design, which can achieve the effect of fusion.

Spot welding

Similar to riveting method, the concave weld head is pressed on the outer ring of the plastic product. After the ultrasonic UHF vibration is emitted, the weld head melts the plastic and wraps it around the metal parts to make it fixed, with smooth and beautiful appearance. This method is mostly used for fixing the shape of electronics, horns and cosmetics.

concave weld

Molded ultrasonic welding uses high-frequency vibrations of 15kHz-50kHz to melt and weld plastics.

The upper and lower components are pressed, the ultrasonic vibration is passed to the upper and lower component connections, causing alternating stress at the welding ribs, heating and melting the plastic through friction between the molecules. The ultrasound stops and the upper and lower components remain tight until they stick together.

Due to the outbreak of epidemic, the mask gap is too large, many enterprises turn to respirator, melt spray cloth is out of stock, but Ultrasonic Lace Machine is also in short supply, which leads to serious shortage of ear strap and other problems.

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