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How to solve the jumper computer pattern machine?
Aug 06, 2020

1. Fault characteristics: the stitching of thick material will jump, and the stitching of thin stitch will also jump.

Product reasons: computer pattern machine needle plate wear is too large, sewing machine needle is too thick, the bottom of the pressure foot wear, or pressure on the foot is too small.

Treatment method: replace the needle plate, change the needle, change the pressure foot, change the pressure foot, or adjust the pressure of the foot.

2. Fault feature: The computer pattern machine jumps continuously or cannot sew even one stitch.

Product reasons: the quality of the needle is too poor or the machine needle bend ingress can not normally produce a wire ring. The sewing machine needle is too high to catch the thread loop, and the sewing material and sewing machine needles are not properly matched. Long-term use of the swing shuttle will cause serious wear or breakage of the swing bed and other parts.

Solution: Replace the qualified needle or straighten the needle of the computer pattern machine. Directly adjust the height of the needle bar of the machine or the needle of the pattern machine. Under normal circumstances, the shuttle or shuttle bed can be replaced, Making a major repair if necessary.

jumper computer pattern machine

3. Fault features: no jumper for sewing thin materials, jumper for sewing thick materials.

Product reasons: Insufficient presser foot pressure, sewing machine needles are too thin, thread hooking and other parts are severely worn.

Treatment method: adjust the presser foot pressure, change the needle, replace the parts, and repair.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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