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Industrial sewing machines are used differently with various types
Oct 29, 2021

Sewing machines for mass production are called industrial sewing machines, which are different from traditional sewing machines in many ways. it is designed specifically for long-term professional sewing and offers excellent durability, parts, and motors. various types Industrial sewing machines.jpg

Traditional sewing machines may include nylon or plastic gears, while industrial machine gears, connecting rods, housings, and bodywork are usually made of high-quality metals such as cast iron or aluminum.

There are 4 main types. The difference between them is based on the design of the arm and the needle rod.

The 4 different types of sewing machines and their uses are as follows: flat: common types, is similar to conventional sewing machines, with arms and needles extending to the flat bottom of the machine. Workers usually use this machine to sew flat fabrics together.

Cylinder: These industrial sewing machines have narrow horizontal columns, not flat pedestals. it allows the fabric to pass around and below the cylinder. its range in diameter is from 5 cm to 16 cm. Workers use the machines to sew cylindrical shapes such as cuffs, but they can also be used for bulky items such as saddles and shoes.

the machine behind the bed: These machines have shuttle cores, feed dogs, and/or bent needles on vertical columns that are higher than the flat bottom. The pillar is 10 cm to 45 cm. Applications entering the sewing area, such as labeling, boot, and glove making, all use the machine behind the bed.

Arm frame: An unusual set of machines that require workers to feed along the axis of the horizontal column. The design limits the length of the stitch to cylinder's but is useful for applications such as sleeves and shoulder seams.

lighter materials

The application of industrial sewing machines is also an important factor to consider. For example, some machines have automatic pocket setters, while others include pattern programmability or electronic eye buckles. In addition, the strength and design of the machine need to complement the type of material to be used. For medium to heavier materials (e.g. denim), high-quality machines may be required, while for lighter materials (e.g. cotton), basic levels of industrial machinery may be required.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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